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How to produce custom bags orders

Custom bags give you a chance to suit and establish your brand as per your preference. What we offer is what you need in its best design. Our unique taste in customized bags is worth an investment. Furthermore, custom bags allow you to choose the design that fits your brand.

1. Bag Type Option

We explore different types of bags. You bring the idea and we help you get the design. Thus, you get unique customized bag designs. We customize bags to suit your brand and customers. Clutch bags, backpacks, tote bags, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, satchel & top handle bag, wallet purse, beach bags, canvas shopping bags, and messenger bag.

2. Bag Fabric (material option)

There are many options when it comes to the type of fabric. Your choice in the type of material you want matters a lot. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of materials that you can pick. There are the rayon and polyester of different fiber, linen, leather, microfiber, and velvet. You have to explore and what you love is what we customize for you.

3. Bag Color Option

The many color options available are for you to choose from. Custom bags purposely create what you need as a customer. We use the Pantone colors chart.Consequently, it gives you a view of what bag you want. We do tests to ensure the end product in fabrics is your expectation.
we also have the leather type & color chart, pls contact us to get the color chart.
4. Print Option

Custom bag manufacturers determine prints and designs. We partner with different suppliers who offer this service. For instance, printing and embroidery forms vary; thus, we recommend trying a few options first. Some of the techniques include;

  • Digital print: Whereby the printing is done directly on the fabric. You only have to pick the artwork and fabric. It suitable when you want a color cocktail on your bag.
  • Dye sublimation: Dye completely sublimes in the fabric to create a permanent colorwork. Furthermore, it does not crack and the fabric remains in good shape. We recommend it to polyester and synthetics. Furthermore, the print colors dissolve properly.
  • Screen-print: Uses laser form screens to apply ink on the fabric. These types of prints are long-lasting. It's a cheap way of customizing. Custom bag manufacturers prefer this method as it can be used in bulk fabrics. It gives great results for you and it is economical. However, it only uses color in each print. Thus, it cannot suit if you want a color mix of more than 4colors. We recommend its use in natural fabrics.
  • Water-based screen-print: We greatly prefer this as it can easily apply to light fabrics. Pigment inks are absorbed by the fabrics and dried.
  • Plastisol print: For custom bags, this is what we mainly use. For heavy and dark fabric, especially bags, it is a great option. The best color results are in this print. Furthermore, it offers the best printing option for dark synthetic fabrics.
  • Metallic print: Custom bags only use this to give a metallic look to the printed fabric. However, it does not give a shiny appearance.
  • Metallic foiling: It gives a shiny appearance on the metallic inks on your bag. However, you can only use one color. It is best on cotton and natural fabrics.
  • Embroidery on bags: For any stitch artwork you need in your bag, we can do it. Furthermore, different machine shops are available. You only need to come with your design.
  • Heat print: The ink is applied using heat on to the fabric. It only forms a thin layer between the fabric and colors. There is a range of print options. You may need advice as per what you want.

5. Label Option

Labels best give identity to the bag. Somehow, the woven label brands the bag you have made. Mostly, the labels are made uniquely for you. Custom bag manufacturers are found on a budget. You have to figure out the cost and what suits you. Nevertheless, we give you help in choosing the logo on the label you essentially want.
Furthermore, labels enhance the appearance of the bag. After choosing the label, you determine where you want your label print or embroidery on.
Printed labels

  • Debossed logo: You send the label or logo you want on your bag. With the use of a machine, it is placed. Mostly used on leather bags.
  • Colour deboss: Similar to the debossed log, just that your leather bag will have a shiny golden appearance on the fabric. Seemingly, any color is applicable.
  • Silk print: The colors you pick are used on the logo. Furthermore, it is done in the bag with the colours you choose.
  • Woven labels: The logos are done using thread. The labels are placed in bags or outside. It depends on what you want. When the logo is done on fabric, it should be in the bag.
  • Metal labels: They are done on metal plates. You only have to pick the style for the logo on the label. The styles include; engraved and laser. Seemingly, hardware logos take the same form as metal plates.
  • Hang labels

Paper tags are commonly used. You say all the information you need to be on the bag tag. It is a good way you can use it in branding the custom bags.
Care labels: They can be printed or woven in the bag. They only give information on how to best care for the custom bag. We put them in the bag on fabric.

6. Bag package option

Custom bag manufacturers purposely produce label bags. We customize bag for you such that you control the quality. Custom private labels increase customer satisfaction. The custom box packaging gives a good experience to your customers. These packages include;

PP bag/Dust bag: The logo is placed on the bag. It is a cheap way of packaging. Takes at most 5days to produce.
Top & bottom box: Just like a plane and drawer box, it takes at least ten days to produce. The logo and design you want is done on the box.
Drawstring bag: It is in the form of nylon and silk. We produce it depending on the logo, material, and color. The price varies; it goes higher with color.
Hangtag: It comes out on paper. Easy and quick to produce. You can also include customer cards. They are printed in order.
Customize bags and creating labels gives you identity. Our team has specialized in creating the best experience for you. Businesses that are establishing their brands can contact us. You can trust us to help you get a design that is your preference and taste.

We offer help in Custom development and label programs services. Whichever unique needs you have for your brand; we are the team to reach.

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