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How to Custom Your Own Personalized Laptop Sleeve?

Ready to begin your print-on-demand journey with a stellar list of custom laptop sleeves and products in categories that fit a full store catalog? Start here, order, and grow your store in a few weeks, all in one place, with help from Inclusive World Bags.

Step 1: please contact us by email or WhatsApp to send your AI design drawings, laptop size, laptop bag details, fabric needs, printing color Swatch .

Step 2: We will estimate a reasonable price for you according to the fabric, size and printing color.

Step 3: We will estimate a reasonable price for you according to the fabric, size and printing color.

Step 4: If you agree to this price, we will start making samples for you and charge some sample fees.

The sample production time is about 5-7 days. If the custom fabric is slightly complex, the sample production time will be extended to 10-15 days.

Step 5: Once the sample is ready, we will mail it to you through DHL, UPS or FedEx.

Step 6:If you are satisfied with the sample, we can start the production of the order;

If you want to propose modification suggestions for the sample, we will immediately arrange the modification of the sample. Until you are satisfied.

Branded Laptop Sleeve

Small businesses, commissioned artists, and solo entrepreneurs can醋酸custom their brand game with Inclusive World Bags.

Create long-lasting branding that stays with a customer long after they’ve made a purchase. Designs with a simple logo print or more elaborate cases can be great items for trade shows, conventions, and stores looking to expand their merchandise.

Custom Laptop Sleeve With Animal Designs

Showcase more personality with detailed animal designs taken straight from a lens or drawn in a way that suits your style.

Get creative with composition and emerging trends, outlining a beautiful vista that beats any desktop wallpaper. You can never go wrong with cats.

Laptop Sleeves for Gaming

Laptop sleeves are for computers, so it stands to reason that there is a sizable demand for gaming and online culture-themed laptop accessories.

From old-school controllers to cartoon graphics, this popular audience segment is definitely something to focus on if your store already caters to digital leisure. Level up your store with our personalized laptop sleeves.

The Buyer’s Market for Custom Laptop Sleeves

Let’s look at the main market segments for custom laptop sleeves. We’ve analyzed Google Trends through top sales channels like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay to give you the top market profiles for buyers of laptop sleeves.

Customized Laptop Sleeves for University Students

When you’re going to college, you need back-to-school accessories. Students work predominantly with digital resources and need something to protect their valued source of knowledge.

Provide dedicated case bags that help them express their individuality throughout academia and later in life.

Stylish Laptop Sleeves for Women

Women are one of the most prominent target segments for custom laptop sleeves. Like everyone, they have discerning tastes and crave unique designs that aren’t too played out or unimaginative.

Floral, pastel, and nature-themed designs are the best-selling options for taking advantage of and raising profits.

Custom Laptop Sleeve for Office Workers

Work from home is a new reality, and more and more office workers are carrying their laptops to and from their home office, hot desking to save money.

With standard-issue company laptops often lacking in a certainje ne sais quoi, it’s a prime target to put in a bit of color in otherwise bland devices – ones that you certainly don’t want to break.

FAQs About Custom Laptop Sleeves

We custom and produce laptop sleeves in sizes 7” to 17” with two unique product blanks to choose from. Fit for most popular variants with some leeway if necessary. Our custom laptop sleeves come with thick foam padding and durable outer fabric.

Are both sides printable with my design?

Our laptop sleeves have one-sided prints only, with the backside remaining black after applying the print. The finished product goes well with most styles and designs without showing dirt or wear and tear.

If you need two-sided printing, we can also provide it. This requires you to provide appropriate documents, and we will print according to the drawings.

How fast is shipping, and what does it cost?

Shipping times and prices vary by provider and location. Shipping costs are always clearly stated on all products by each provider.

Shipping costs will always be calculated upfront before you sell anything, with orders routed through the forwarder agent.

What is the minimum order for my custom laptop sleeve?

All custom laptop sleeves are MOQ 300pcs or 500pcs but with different price.

How do I order samples of my laptop sleeve?

We always recommend ordering a sample before you sell. You can do so after you’ve added a design to the laptop sleeve you want to custom.

That way, you can get your hands on a newly created product and ensure it’s the quality expected by you and your customers.

What material are the laptop sleeves made from?

Our custom laptop sleeves are smooth neoprene and100%polyester, respectively, and have a cushion foam lining to keep laptops safe from the wear and tear of everyday use.

Customized Services

We offer creative solutions for your custom bag needs. IWBAGS specializes in custom bag designs and production. From custom PU leathers bags , polyester bags, neoprene sleeve bags to Canvas products, to wide range of bag and in exclusive designs– our products help your designs come to life. Our team takes care of your order from start to finish.

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