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PU leather or PVC leather fashion bags to get rid of peculiar smell is so simple!

If you walk into the luggage and handbags market or you just bought it, you will smell a peculiar smell, because this peculiar smell is determined by PU leather or PVC material, then how do we get rid of these peculiar smells of fashion bags? Guangzhou Tiankui Leather Handbag Factory (, which has 25 years of experience in the production and customization of fashionable handbags, will introduce some ways to remove odors from fashionable handbags today:


The first method: Put lemon slices in the freshly bought, basically after a day or two, there will be no peculiar smell.

The second method: Put some grapefruit peels and orange peels in the bag. After a day, put some dried chrysanthemum soap for three to five days, and the smell of PU leather or PVC leather for fashionable bags disappears.


The third method: You usually have tea at home. You can wrap the dry tea in toilet paper towels and put it in a bag with a peculiar smell. Check again in a few days to see if the peculiar smell has been absorbed and there is no peculiar smell Got it!

The fourth method: We can also wipe and clean the freshly bought with clean water, hang it in a ventilated place and dry it in the shade for a day or two without any peculiar smell. However, Zhihao leather handbags factory also reminds everyone that in summer, you can also dry it properly. If it is winter, remember not to dry it in the sun, because in winter PU material or PVC material is very easy to leather under the action of cold air. Leather is easy to be brittle when a chemical reaction occurs.


Well, today, is the sharing of Guangzhou Tiankui leather (IWBAGS) with 25 years of experience in fashion handbag processing and customization useful to you? For more details, please pay attention to the official website of Guangzhou Leather Women's Bag Factory ( We will continue to publish more useful information about fashion handbags to everyone, and we will continue to update new products! Hope to help you!

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