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Want to customize a mommy bag, but don't know how to choose?

When choosing a mommy bag, first of all, we must consider the size of the bag. Generally, we will bring a baby bottle, milk powder, thermos cup, paper towels, diapers, wet wipes, small toys, etc. It’s important to consider size.


The second is the style. The style is mainly divided into two types, one-shoulder and double-shoulder. The one-shoulder is suitable for a short-term light outdoor for mothers and babies, but some designs can be hung on a bassinet or stroller, so that mothers can be better. Free up his hands to protect the baby, and at the same time reduce the burden on the mother. The backpack mummy bag is more suitable for larger outdoor activities, because the main advantage of the backpack is that it can distribute the weight in the bag evenly, which can effectively prevent high and low shoulders.


When customizing a mummy bag, the selection and design of materials are also particularly important. The choice of material is better, because most of the baby products are placed inside. There must be a waterproof design inside, and the internal structure must be distinct. At least one layer must be waterproof and a device for vertical feeding bottles.


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