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Emotional Response-Prediction of Color Trend of Women's Bags in Spring and Summer of 2022

Theme background

At the moment after the epidemic, people are mostly in an uncertain social environment and economic market. After experiencing the panic of the epidemic and natural disasters, the colors of the 2022 spring and summer will bring people optimism and calm the mood, re-evaluate the relationship between us and objects, and explore the colors of the objects we use The healing effect brought. Characterized by a healthy earth color, the soothing sensory experience creates a gentle and gentle emotional response. It uses color to promote the durability and intimacy of the product. It uses willow green and cream yellow to add new colors and uses undyed raw fibers. Comply with the general direction of circular design. Conveying the versatile and environmentally friendly tone information. The demand for healing classic colors will promote the mature colors of moonlight and sea to gather popularity in the spring and summer of 2022. The addition of gray tones of blue is often reminiscent of environmental protection and recycling. With the rise of the sublease and resale market, blemish colors have attracted much attention. Gray tones are blended into pink and wax colors, and the gentle beauty has nostalgic atmosphere. These soft tones repair people's hearts and bring an essential soothing effect.

1. Inspiration atmosphere-natural connection

In the daily lives of people eroded by natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, agricultural and forestry pests and diseases make people more eager to embrace and explore nature, and establish a close connection between man and nature. Inspiring people to return to and conform to the laws of survival of nature, a new generation of consumers will yearn for a natural lifestyle and use undyed raw fibers to conform to the general direction of circular design. With the addition of yellow tones, it presents a more original willow green.

Beauty-natural connection

Today’s consumers most valued “plant technology beauty and personal care products”. Plant technology products not only show outstanding ability to innovate in formulas, but also combine continuous development of technology to give consumers better efficacy and more natural and safer products. Guarantee and a more comfortable feeling of use. It extracts natural nutrients from green plants or fruits, and removes substances that are invaded by air pollution in the skin.

Show field LOOK--natural connection

The botanical color of abundance brings people the life needs of relaxation, peace and healing in the post-epidemic era full of panic and chaos. The fabric texture of the single product in the spring and summer of 2022 is slightly shiny, which symbolizes the joy of the dawn of the future. The light and elegant texture caters to people's daily demand for natural and comfortable dress, mainly to create an upgraded simple and feminine outfit. effect.


Key color--willow green

Emphasizing that green associated with nature and people is one of the important colors in the spring and summer of 2022. Willow green with yellow tones has a sense of richness and plant color tone, which can bring comfort and hope to people in the aftershocks of the epidemic. Use color to enhance mental and physical health, apply various items and fabrics in apparel design, combined with a comfortable and recyclable design direction, can be widely used in spring and summer.

Willow Green--Bags recommendation

As the orthodox green in the plant color system, the vigorous willow green exudes simple and tough vitality with a strong color. It has been baptized by the years and has become more and more sweet. Whether it is matching fashion trends or looking directly at ancient elegance, it can perfectly present the best vision. The overall use of the bag style reveals retro elegance in simplicity.


Willow green - color scheme

Willow green has a deep cultural heritage, and it is often extraordinary in classical spaces. It is matched with nut khaki and orange to make the bag full of modernity; combined with reddish brown tones of cinnamon brown or warm light brown, it shows Elegant, retro style.


Combination of goods--willow green

Relying on its connection with nature, willow green has become one of the influential colors in the 2020 spring and summer. Add a moisturizing base color to the core palette and try the healing willow green everywhere. Whether it is a rigorous suit or a waist dress with a comfortable and simple silhouette, the shiny fabric perfectly shows the elegant appearance. The versatile style makes it both a formal and everyday casual lifestyle.

2. Inspiration atmosphere-zero pollution industry

Minimalist industrial style interior decoration will attract more attention, and people’s demand for designs that can bring comfort and pleasure will also increase. The concept of applying colors in the purest way has attracted widespread attention. These simple colors bring daily life The touch of the object and creates a peaceful atmosphere. With the addition of soft earth colors and unbleached primary colors as an aid, the whole set of colors presents an environmentally friendly exquisite retro look. As the market gradually becomes cautious and conservative, it is expected that these classic commercial neutral colors will become particularly important.

Beauty-Zero Pollution Industry

Most of the beauty and skin care products that are often used in daily life also choose classic blue as the packaging color, which not only highlights the noble tonality of the product, but also gives people a refreshing, pure, and additive-free feeling. Use natural non-polluting mineral matte eyeshadow to outline irregular lines on the face, break the soft structural lines of the face, and form a sharp contrast with the bright skin tone.

Show field LOOK-zero pollution industry

Zero-polluting primary color fibers will emerge and become a supplement to natural dyeing techniques such as moonlight sea color. The jersey and woven categories are used to create an exquisite texture contrast. In the spring and summer of 2022, a large number of fabrics with a sense of crispness are used to shape architectural silhouettes. The simple and powerful lines bring a tough and neutral style, which adds a strong aura of softness and rigidity to women in the workplace.

Key Color--Moonlight Sea

The calming healing tones are in line with consumers' increasing concerns about health. Developed from the popular color Smart Blue last season, Moonlight Aquamarine presents a soothing sense of water toning, bringing a feeling of relaxation and vitality. It is friendly to Asian skin color, it can set off the skin to be whiter, and it can be worn on the whole body or with single product embellishment. Combining the dressing needs of women in the workplace, it can be widely used in professional attire.


Moonlight Sea--Bags recommendation

The moonlight sea has a low-saturation deep blue hue, as if moonlight dipped into the sea in the dark night, presenting a lustrous and moisturizing feeling. It brings a fashionable atmosphere and at the same time is not too ostentatious. The large-scale use on the bag can better reflect the high-level texture of the single product. The embellishment of golden hardware breaks the dullness of dark blue, which is very suitable for autumn and winter.


Moonlight Sea--color scheme

Moonlight Sea is calm and atmospheric, presenting a classic texture, matched with the smooth colors of cerulean and air blue, showing a sense of retro elegance and sophistication; the combination of neutral tones such as brown brown and starry black makes it even more classic.

Combination of goods - Moonlight Sea

The tranquil and deep moonlight ocean blues will become a substitute for black. As one of the three primary colors, blue represents melancholy, tranquility, and depth. It is both a deep sea and an boundless sky. It has a strong tolerance, which also implies After we calm down our anxiety, we can remain immersed and stable before we can return to ourselves. This one-pack of classic colors will make the colors of the windbreaker and suit more harmonious. With the same color waist striped suit inside, the simple outline and neat cut, high-quality fabrics and elegant style will become one of the favorites in women's wardrobes.

3. Inspiration atmosphere-soft blemishes

With the growth of the resale and rental market, blemish colors have gained popularity, and gray neutral colors blended with pastel and wax colors have a gentle beauty and a nostalgic atmosphere. People are more accepting of second-hand color and its own unique flaw beauty. The dry powdery touch surface and chalky texture inspire a soft and sweet meaning to highlight the minimalist aesthetics. Natural materials and the blemishes and style produced in the handmade manufacturing process will be respected.

Beauty-soft blemishes

After the new crown epidemic, the comfort and peace of mind will continue to be respected. The flawed pink wax color of the spring and summer of 2022 will focus on the sense of minerals. The peach pink color gives the girly and delicate feelings that girls all want. Spring water and infinite soft light. Cucumber-colored skin care products instantly moisturize the skin and bring a cooling sensation, while giving cheeks a stylish and attractive color. With pink crystal color and iris color as embellishment, the entire low-saturation gray-tone powder wax color presents a soft and sweet makeup and product packaging design.

Show LOOK-soft blemishes

As the resale and rental market continues to rise, people are more accepting of second-hand colors and their unique flaws. Abandon the sweet ice cream shades of summer, adopt softer shades such as light cucumber, pink crystal and iris. The low saturation of soft and flawed colors can be easily matched with neutral colors such as willow green and moonlight sea color, which is suitable for creating a consumer group with personalized ideas about clothing.


Key color-peach pink

The peach pink of mixed warm light has a hazy feeling of gray tone, and the soft and rustic colors are mainly used to bring comfort and charm. Peach pink is slightly fresher than pale pink, with a little red in the pink, giving people a fresh, sweet and lively atmosphere. Handing a positive and optimistic mood, in such a color, the world is so beautiful and gentle, which calms our sense of world weariness.

Peach pink--bag recommended

Like the peach blossoms blooming in spring, the pink is rosy, giving people a light and warm feeling, and brings healing effects; peach pink is used in a large area on the bag, bringing a gentle and sweet temperament, without too much detail decoration , Can attract people's attention.


Peach pink-color scheme

The combination of peach pink, bright white and linen color brings a light and romantic texture, which is pink and charming, and fully displays the gentle charm of women. Matching with red hues such as garnet burgundy and lava red enriches its sense of hierarchy and highlights the unique high-end elegance of women.

Group goods matching-peach pink

The powder wax color with the powdery effect of clothing and interior walls demonstrates healing properties and filter effects, and has always been one of the key colors in the female market. The use of extremely complex design techniques to deal with the pastel color, full of novelty. Matching hats with similar tones, using classic gold and black as the finely divided parts to show a simple business style. It is suitable for suits and dresses. The use of elegant or shiny fabrics brings a sense of relaxation to extremely complex silhouettes, and the complex details of wear bring new styles to people with individuality.

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