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What is the difference between a custom tool bag and a standard tool backpack?You need to know something about custom tool packs!

Backpacks are becoming more and more indispensable, they are almost everywhere in life and everyone is very familiar with them. But when it comes to tool backpacks, many people may not be familiar with them.

Generally speaking, individuals rarely use tool backpacks. Most tool backpacks are products tailored for business needs, such as electrical maintenance tool backpacks, outdoor maintenance tool backpacks, and car emergency tool backpacks, etc., but the audience is not wide. So what is the difference between a tool backpack and a regular backpack?

Tool backpacks are very different from ordinary backpacks in style, and the requirements for production processes are also very different. If you compare the material selection characteristics of tool backpacks with ordinary backpacks, you will find that the fabric with tough material and strong wear resistance is the main choice for manufacturing tool backpacks, such as large grain 1680D Oxford cloth or 2250D Oxford cloth. Ordinary backpacks usually pay more attention to lightness, and prefer to choose 300D Oxford cloth and nylon cloth as the main materials.

In addition, the purpose of customizing the tool backpack is mainly to load hard metal tools, and all the lining options cannot be the same as ordinary backpacks. The normal backpack is made of 200D-300D nylon fabric, which can protect the computer and daily items inside from wear and tear, and the material is soft and smooth. But the tool backpack is just the opposite. In order to ensure the durability of the backpack, hard materials are usually used as the lining, and the same material as the fabric is usually selected as the lining, which can increase the thickness and hardness of the backpack and ensure wear resistance.

In general, tool backpacks are very different from ordinary backpacks in terms of style design, material selection, pocket structure, production process, etc. Tool backpacks generally need to be customized to ensure practicality and ease of use!

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