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Fashion inspiration of luggage and bags (after reading this article, you may understand the charm of luggage and bags! )

The source of inspiration for design is very rich. Natural elements, humanities and arts, man-made objects and even human emotions can all be sources of inspiration for designers. As a source of inspiration for luggage design, the more direct and visual, the easier it is to be accepted and recognized by consumer groups. In order to facilitate communication during the design process and facilitate communication during product promotion, the design department of a company usually draws up design major and minor themes. It specifically includes what theme to launch each season, subdivided into several small theme series, each series sets several bag styles, how to echo between styles, colors and materials, and refines to design plans, design techniques, design plans, etc. .

1. Color trends

Color trends are generally published according to hue or color theme. In order to convey the sense of color more intuitively, there must be corresponding pictures and text in the trend file to describe the source of these colors in detail, and the international standard PANTONE color card number is marked. These color trends directly affect the development of materials. Each material development company combines their own technological advantages to select these colors and materialize them into usable leather or textiles.

Exploring new fashion horizons through colors and materials. Accidental changes in tones and surfaces are used to express new feelings, trying to merge from one field to another, to continuously subvert traditional rules and break boundaries. As shown in Figure 2-3-1, the strong and vivid color energy of the upper left color palette makes the dark atmosphere more interesting; the upper right and the right middle use masking and transparency methods to create a fuzzy feeling in the light fog tone in the soft and subtle gray ; The two color palettes at the bottom left and bottom right are matched to interpret a dark black tone that feels like a winter night. It is a gradual black of different degrees. The extremely dark color will give a neutral feeling. It is matched with purple or orange reflective fabrics. Brings a warm texture.

2. Material trends

Material trends are classified and promoted based on the visual and tactile sense of the materials, supplemented by simple text descriptions. Plain and fine-grained leather is an indispensable material choice for fashion items. The color block structure and simplified design details use contrasting colors or Polished metal accessories, highlighting a novel and modern sense, often used in ladies daily bags.

Metallic leather can show a soft and feminine appearance. Pure metallic tones and dark pink wax colors are the core of this quiet trend, which is used in ladies' party clutches and small handbags. The peach suede has been polished to create a soft velvet feel, and is often used in casual bag styles for men and women. Use oil paint, printing and coating techniques to highlight the natural texture of snake skin, or cover the design of animal skin on the upper layer, which is often used for women's day bags, evening bags, small leather goods and trims.

3. Style trends

International fashion trends also have clear guidance on bag styles, which are usually derived from the works of world-class brands on release shows. When multiple leading brands in the industry jointly launch similar product styles, or are affected by popular trends in related art and design fields, and novel product styles appear, keen fashion observers will extract these product styles and classify them into categories. Several style trends.


The leisure tote bag integrates the design elements of shopping bags, and its horizontal structure becomes wider and shallower, which is more concise and fashionable than the previous season. Mini briefcases follow the trend of mini bags, showing a trendy dignity and multi-functional elements. The compact and perfect shape uses metal closures such as luggage locks.

Luggage products are used as clothing accessories, and the content released by its international fashion trends is usually consistent with the international fashion trends of clothing and supplemented by matching. The specific content includes color trends, material trends, and style trends. It eventually becomes popular in the true sense through collective choices of consumers.


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