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IWBAGS Leather factory shares about the quality of backpacks

Guangzhou Inclusive World Leather Co., Ltd. (IWBAGS)is a large leather goods enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sales of leather goods. Now we want to share with you the function of backpacks and single-shoulder bags. Let’s first talk about the quality and grade of backpacks to determine from several aspects.

First, workmanship. Every corner and crimping line are neat and tidy, there is no thread drop or jumper phenomenon, every stitch of embroidery is very elegant, which is the standard of high craftsmanship.

Second, The materials used for backpacks generally use 1680D double-strand fabric which is relatively medium and high, while 600D Oxford cloth is a more commonly used material. In addition, canvas, materials such as 190T and 210 are usually used for simpler drawstring bag type backpacks.

Third, the back structure of the backpack directly determines the purpose and grade of the backpack. Outdoor mountaineering or military backpacks, the back structure is more complicated, with more than six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA as a breathable cushion, and even an aluminum frame. The back of the general backpack is made of a 3mm pearl cotton as a breathable board. The simple drawstring type backpack does not have any padding material except the material of the backpack itself.

In summary, the quality of backpacks is mainly a choice for personal leisure and outing hobbies. Different grades of backpacks are suitable for different occasions.

IWBAGS backpack manufacturer has passed the product quality certification ISO9001, and also passed the social responsibility certification SA8000. Among them, ISO9001 is a recognition of the quality of our products. SA8000 also reflects that our company can be people-oriented. In a people-oriented factory, employees have centripetal force when they do things. Only by working attentively can employees ensure better product quality.

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