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IWBAGS will share with you how to choose a skilled leather factory

1. Leather bag design: the style design of the leather bag and the selection of leather and accessories

2. Sample design: IWBAGS Leather Factory will draw according to the customer's requirements; the pattern maker must have rich experience in pattern making, and whether the manufactured pattern can achieve the desired effect, it must be confirmed by the pattern maker.

3. Production preparation: leather materials, auxiliary materials, sewing threads and other materials must be prepared before production, and sample sewing processing must be carried out. If it is processing with supplied materials, there is no need to worry about this problem.

4. Cutting process: Cutting is the first process of leather bag production and processing, and its content is to cut the leather, lining and other materials into packages according to the layout and marking requirements.

5. Sewing process: The process of sewing has relatively strong technical requirements, and it is also a very important leather bag processing process. According to the requirements of different styles, the skin pieces are combined into a leather bag for technical stitching. This step must have an organized sewing process, so when choosing a leather factory, it is very important to consider the stitches, stitch types, machinery and equipment and tools.

6. Other crafts: Some leather bags require other crafts, especially women's bag processing. Because women love beauty, women's bags especially need some decoration, including printing, hot drilling, flocking, embroidery, etc.;

7. Quality control of leather bags: Quality control of leather bags is a very necessary measure to ensure the quality of products throughout the processing process. It is to study the quality problems that may arise during the processing of products and to formulate necessary quality inspections. Standards and regulations.

8. Post-processing: Post-processing includes packaging, storage and transportation, and is the last process in the entire production process. The operator puts each piece in a plastic bag according to the requirements of the packaging process, and then distributes the packing according to the quantity on the packing list;

The entire process above is the leather bag production process of the leather bag factory. The 8 steps of the process are one after another. If one of the steps is wrong, the factory will have to rework, which will waste time and may miss the delivery date. , So the gain is not worth the loss. Therefore, when looking for leather goods processing, we must pay attention to the production capacity of each process of the leather goods processing factory, especially the leather goods bag processing.


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