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IWBAGS shares with you the details of luggage and bags maintenance

IWBAGS shares with you that according to different materials, luggage is generally divided into leather luggage and cloth luggage, then these luggage have different maintenance and cleaning methods. Below IWBAGS will introduce the maintenance methods of leather bags and cloth bags.

Leather luggage maintenance

(1) Leather bags cannot be washed with water. The correct way to clean the dust on the surface of the bag daily is to wipe it with a dry cloth dipped in clean water or cleaning fluid;

(2) Wipe leather bags in the direction of the fur or leather;

(3) The care products used for cleaning and maintenance of leather bags cannot contain acidic or alkaline ingredients, nor can they contain volatile ingredients;

(4) When it is out of season, store leather suitcases and bags in ventilated cabinets. Take care to avoid squeezing, twisting, mold, etc. when storing.


Cloth bags maintenance

(1) When IWBAGS is cleaning cloth bags, the straps should be removed and then cleaned;

(2) When cleaning cloth bags, prevent the fabric from fading;

(3) If the cloth bags are stained with deep dirt, you can add a little soda water when cleaning.


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